Newsletter November 2016

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Newsletter July 2012

22 November 2016

Dear parents and whanau

We are having such a fun term with lots of excited children, busy practicing for the upcoming Christmas Show on Friday 2nd December at 6pm (THIS FRIDAY). They have also enthusiastically been making wonderful stars and Angel props to decorate the hall.

We have booked in a puppet show for the 8th December at 12.30pm.

This will be held during the Older Tamariki Session.

We have decided this year to also open this up for the families of our Younger Session. Children from this Younger Session will need to have a parent with them however.

The cost is $5 per child.


Kindergarten Morning tea.  Thank you to Helen and Merridith who kindly hosted a successful parent’s morning tea.

We would like to give an enormous thanks to Mel and Sam Lienert, who supported us at the disco and provided the fantastic lighting from their company, Prolight.

Please welcome the following new families to join our Grace Kindy family.     A big Grace welcome to the Edwards family and the Leah family.

Our Programme

The children have enjoyed looking at the theme of ‘Growing’. This includes the fruit of the spirit and exploring the physical world around us.

Within this topic we have now also included earthquakes. Revisiting what we do if there is an earthquake, exploring with blocks what happens in an earthquake and empowering the children through being able to pray. We, as a teaching team, feel so blessed with the children’s prayers of thanks and also that they chose to pray for people who are feeling scared or who have been hurt.

Christmas is such a wonderful highlight and a time of celebration, with lots of our very enthusiastic children joining the teachers to retell the Christmas nativity story in a variety of ways. Such as acting it out, providing their ideas of the nativity story and revisiting some of the amazing miracles Jesus did as a man.

We have also been explaining what some of the words in the Christmas songs mean in… ‘away in a manager’, what a ‘one horse open sleigh’ and ‘bells on bob tails ring’ looks like.



Thank you Charlotte and Meg for the tile fundraiser. The tiles are amazing and will be your chance at having your child’s name on their own special tile being displayed on the fence. Please see the signup sheet on the sign in desk.

Teacher Goals/Reviews and Professional Development

Pip McGee attended a Professional network meeting and Pansy Wee attended a Teachers meeting this week. This helps us to connect and discuss relevant topics with other teachers from around the Wellington region.

Praying for you

Each week the teachers pray for your children. If you have a specific prayer need for your child or for your family please pop into our prayer container (on the sign in table) or speak to one of the teachers. Alternatively feel free to send us an email.
We will happily include that in our weekly prayer time.

Summer Clothing

We are worried about children getting sunburnt shoulders outside when wearing singlets or sleeveless dresses. We would like to encourage parents to ensure that their children are wearing t-shirts that cover shoulders, including under dresses.

We would also like your feedback on whether we should make this part of our SunSmart policy,

Sunhats are required for outdoor play during term 4.
Please note that we have a selection of Grace Kindergarten’s sunhats and tee-shirts available for purchase.

As this is still a very changeable time of the year please remember to make sure that your child still has access to a warm sweatshirt or jacket for outside play.

Parent HelpA reminder to please put your name on our parent help roster. This is a great opportunity to connect with your child and their friends whilst providing much appreciated help for the session.

Waiting List

Please make sure that all siblings who are going to attend our kindergarten over the next year are put onto our waiting list.

We have a possible vacancy towards the end of term 1 2017 in our Younger Tamariki Session. Please grab some flyers, from our sign-in table, if you know of friends and family who might be interested in joining the Grace Kindy family or visiting us.

May God bless you and comfort any fear you or your children may be feeling regarding the earthquakes and flooding over the recent weeks.

Kind Regards from the
Grace Kindergarten Teachers



The last day for the end of term for the Older Tamariki Session is Thursday 15th December.

The last day for the end of this term for the Younger Tamariki Session is Friday 16th December.  

The Term Dates for 2017 are as follow:

Term Start End
One 2017 Tuesday 24th January Thursday 13th April
Waitangi Day  

Holiday Mon 6th Feb



Monday 1st May


Friday 7th July
Queen’s Birthday Public hol Holiday Mon 5th June  
Three Monday 24th July Friday 29th September

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