Newsletter 7th August 2017

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Newsletter July 2012

7th August 2017


Dear parents and whanau

Welcome back to term 3. The children have been so settled after the school holidays and we are all looking forward to an exciting term ahead. Please mark in your diary Friday the 1st of September, as this is our most enjoyed kindergarten fundraising disco. This will be held here at kindy from 5.30pm to 7pm complete with moving disco lights.

There will be a variety of food available to purchase, as well as glo sticks, stickers etc.

Please look out for a parent help list, which we will display over the next 2 weeks.

Please welcome the following new families to join our Grace Kindy family.

A big Grace welcome to the Blair family, the Lu family, the Mayo family, the Neill family, the Tse family and the Dycus family.


Health and Safety

Please remember to place any medication, such as inhalers and creams into the office. We have laminated reminder signs which can go onto coat hooks to remind the caregiver or parent to collect if necessary.


For both Sessions we have been looking at our culture.

This theme has been very successful, with the teachers producing a board with their own cultures. We also personally emailed out an invitation to our Older Session families regarding their child reporting about a special family tradition. The children just loved introducing themselves and all have learnt a new word – ‘culture’.

We also had a Cultural dress-up day for both sessions, with the Older Session children making Mãori fry bread.

The Older Session children went to the Nairnville Park Recreation Centre, where they all were involved in an extension gymnastics programme. This was fantastic.


Parent Help

A reminder to please put your name on our parent help roster. This is a great opportunity to connect with your child and their friends whilst providing much appreciated help for the session.

We are requiring each family of the Younger Tamariki Session to put their name down to two parent helps each.

Also for the families of the Older Tamariki Session to put their names down for three parent helps each.



We have Rachel Machin who has kindly volunteered to restart our fundraising committee.

She would love to have some other parents join her in sharing their fundraising ideas.


 Teacher Goals/Reviews and Professional Development

Mrs Wee has recently attended professional development on the topic of Team Building.

Mrs McGee will be attending a Supervisors Network meeting who are having a guest speaker from the Education Council.

Miss Goodman has had her research into ‘Children’s engagement with on line portfolios’ accepted for publication in the Asia – Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education for their September edition.

Our ‘Transition to School’ is currently being reviewed by the teachers. Please see the information folder on the sign-in table which contains information about our local schools.


Praying for you

Each week the teachers pray for your children. If you have a specific prayer need for your child or for your family please pop into our prayer container (on the sign in table) or speak to one of the teachers. Alternatively feel free to send us an email.

We will happily include that in our weekly prayer time.



Please label your child’s drink bottle and their lunchboxes. A sharpie can be used from the teachers’ office.

Please make sure there are no products containing nuts in your child’s lunch. This includes no peanut butter sandwiches and muesli bars containing nuts.


Winter Clothing

This continues to be a very changeable time of the year, so please remember to make sure that your child has access to a warm sweatshirt or jacket for outside play, if it isn’t raining.


Waiting List

Please grab some flyers, from our sign-in table, if you know of friends and family who might be interested in joining the Grace Kindy family.


May God bless you and your children.

Kind Regards from the

Grace Kindergarten Teachers


The Term Dates for this year are as follow:

 Term Start End
Two 2017 Monday 1st May Friday 7th July
Queen’s Birthday Public hol Holiday Mon 5th June
Three 2017 Monday 24th July Friday 29th September
Four 2017 Monday 16th October Friday 15th December
Labour Day Public hol Monday 23rd October
One 2018 Tuesday 23rd January Friday 13th April
Wellington Anniversary Monday 22nd January


Please check out and ‘like’ our facebook page (you don’t need to be a member to see it). It contains all of our updates, plus if you like or follow it you can receive updates to your newsfeeds.


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