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Newsletter July 2012

23 September 2019


 Dear parents and whanau

It’s been another great term with the Kindy Disco being one of the highlights for the teachers, students and families in general. We just love seeing so many happy dancing children and the dancing by the parents and children was amazing.

Once again our local Khandallah New World supported us by supplying the sausages, chippies, bread, drinks and the sauces. We so appreciate their kindness and together with the cupcake sales and the glowsticks etc we have raised $890 after expenses.

Thank you to all of our families that supported us in a variety of ways, such as selling, cooking and buying.

I would also like to thank the following people for the spot prizes donated, Sarah (Mason’s mum) donated her handmade candles, Anna (Theo’s mum) donated her handmade soap and Emmett & Corinne (Eli’s family) donated some DVD’s from their store JB Hi-Fi.



We are currently starting a focus on sustainability and respecting our environment. Particularly the children attending the Older Session have been very interested in composting our food scraps here at kindy. They also have lots of ideas about looking after our environment and recycling.

We will be incorporating God into our focus and God’s creation of our natural environment, emphasising the importance of looking after this for our future generations.

We will also look at Kaitiakitanga, which is the process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment.

This will be communicated on our kindy blue  noticeboard as we move into term 4.


A few weeks ago we had a small gathering to honour our original Grace Kindergarten founders and to celebrate our 25 years of operation.

Our Older Tamariki were involved and they all certainly made us proud by being so courteous, listening patiently and giving their best through singing.

It was also lovely having one of our children confidently reciting her pepeha as a form of showing manaakitanga (hospitality).

Last week the Older Tamariki Session went on a walking trip to the Ngaio town hall where we were amazed at the talented Ngaio school’s kapahaka group, who were rehearsing for some upcoming competitions. Outings such as this creates a wonderful link between schools and kindy, plus also gives our children a real life experience of kapa haka being performed.


We would like to emphasise for children attending the Older Session to please not bring in any whole eggs (such as egg sandwiches), due to a child attending who has a severe allergy to eggs.

Please welcome the following new families to join our Grace Kindy family.

A big Grace welcome to the Teal family, the Mutua family and the Linehan family.


Parent Help

Thank you to the parents who have signed up for Parent Help for term 4. Parent help is a great opportunity to connect with your child and their friends whilst providing much appreciated help for the session.

We are requiring each family of the Younger Tamariki Session to put their name down to two parent helps each. The Older Tamariki Session are needing three parent helps per term. Please note that if you have a child to pick-up from school that the afternoon parent help duty can be made earlier to accommodate this.


Praying for you

Each week the teachers pray for your children. If you have a specific prayer need for your child or for your family please pop into our prayer container (on the sign in table) or speak to one of the teachers. Alternatively feel free to send us an email.

We will happily include that in our weekly prayer time.



Please label your child’s drink bottle and their lunchboxes. A sharpie can be used from the teachers’ office.

Please make sure there are no chocolates, lollies or products containing nuts in your child’s lunch. This includes no peanut butter sandwiches and muesli bars containing nuts. For the Older Session please do not bring in any whole eggs (such as egg sandwiches).


Spring Clothing

The weather is very changeable, so please continue to dress your child in a couple of layers of clothing, particularly as we need to have the door open for free access to indoor/outdoor play.

Also please remember to pack and label a warm jacket for their outside play.

In addition to the above we are starting to have some quite hot days so please pack a sunhat and put sunblock on your child prior to arriving at kindy. We will have some sunblock available on the sign-in table for you to use plus we will apply to children attending the Older Tamariki Session after lunch.


Waiting List

We would love to have some more children added onto our waiting list, especially for vacancies at the end of term 3 and term 4. Please grab some flyers, from our sign-in table, if you know of friends and family who might be interested in joining the Grace Kindy family.


May God bless you and your children.

Kind Regards from the

Grace Kindergarten Teachers


The Term Dates for this year are as follow:

 Term Start End
Three 2019 Monday 22 July  

Friday 27th September


Four 2019 Monday 14th October Friday 20th December
Public Holiday (Labour Day) Monday 28th October  


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