Information for New Parents


Welcome to the Grace Kindergarten family! When your child is about to start at Grace Kindergarten you will receive an Admission Information booklet that contains more detail about what to expect at Grace Kindergarten.











We understand that starting kindergarten can be a big step for many parents and their children. We encourage parents to take the opportunity to visit the kindergarten the week prior to starting so your child becomes familiar with the routines, the staff and some of the other children.

On your child’s first day we will encourage you to stay with your child until they feel comfortable with the environment. Your child may be reserved about participating fully which is very normal.  We endeavour to allow each child to settle in at his/her own pace.

What to wear:

We recommend your child wears play clothes so your child can enjoy the activities without worrying about getting their clothes dirty.

What to bring:

You should bring a bag for your child that contains:

  • a change of clothes
  • nappies and wipes if your child uses these
  • a named drink bottle
  • a sun hat in summer and a warm hat in winter


Signing in:

Each day you are required to sign an attendance register on arrival and departure.

Morning tea:

We ask parents to provide two pieces of fruit per week to be shared between all the children at morning tea time.



Structure of the Younger Tamariki Session (note timing may vary a little from day to day)

Time Activity
8.30 am As children arrive they will be welcomed by the teachers and settled into activities inside
9.00 am Children are free to go outside (or in the hall on rainy days) or remain inside
9.45 am ‘Mat time’ including a welcome song and music. This is followed by a morning tea of fruit and crackers.
10.00 am Children are free to choose the activities they want to be involved in
11.30 am Music programme and a story
11.45am Lunch
12.05 pm Free Play/Exploration time with additional quiet activities
12.50 pm Story and farewell
1 pm Session ends


We encourage any of you who are able to come and join your child for lunch.  This would be a great time to get to know other families and talk with the teachers.


The teachers will work with parents through toilet training. Children in nappies or pull ups will be checked after morning tea.  Children who have recently toilet trained will be reminded to go to the toilet at this time also.  All children that wet or soil themselves will be changed without fuss by teachers.  A record is kept in a notebook of when a child has a nappy changed or helped in the toilet.


The Older Tamariki Session

Entry to the Older Tamariki session is based on age; the oldest child in the morning session will be offered the next available afternoon session place. Many things about the older session are similar to the younger session, but some are different, such as access to carpentry tools. Outings are arranged once per term and the oldest 8 children take part in a transition to school programme, called Rainbow Group.


Structure of the Older Tamariki Session (note timing may vary a little from day to day)

Time Activity
8.30 am As the children arrive they will be welcomed and settled into activities inside
9.00 am Free Play/Exploration time inside and outside
9.45 am ‘Mat time’ including a welcome song and music, followed by morning tea
10.15 am ‘Story time’ including a story followed with research and discussions regarding a theme or interest
10.30 am Free Play/Exploration time
12 noon Lunchtime
12.20 pm Free play/Exploration time including additional activities such as carpentry.Once a week ‘Rainbow group’ is held for the oldest 6 children which include transition to school activities
2.20 pm Tidy up time
2.30 pm News time
2.45 pm Afternoon tea. This is the time where we celebrate children’s birthdays
3.00 pm Table top activities
3.30 pm End of session pick up


On Thursday we will be extending our Music programme by encouraging children to join in with the Mainly Music session help in the hall between 9.30 and 10 am.